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Rabbi Yossi & Esther Lerman

We are so glad you stopped in.

The Chabad Enrichment Center of Gwinnett is committed to providing every Jew of the area the
opportunity to celebrate the joy of being Jewish through programs that nurture connection,
belonging, cultural fulfillment, and spiritual growth, thus enriching the quality of Jewish life.
"Making the World a Better Place…One Person at a Time"
Since opening our doors in 2001, we have become the center for Jewish connection for hundreds
of families. Chabad of Gwinnett acts as a gentle magnet and a beacon of light which draws Jews
of all backgrounds closer to their Jewish roots. The organization is both molded and funded by the
community we serve and is inspired in every aspect by the visionary leadership of the "Rebbe",
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.
Please take a moment to browse our on-line home and we look forward to greeting you in person.

Rabbi Mendel & Chana Lerman

With the growth of Chabad of Gwinnett, Rabbi Mendel and Chana Lerman are tasked as Directors of Community Development. As such, they will plan and execute programs that attract new members and expand our Chabad family, including events for kids and teens, young families and Jewish singles.

A native Atlantan, Rabbi Mendel Lerman always knew that he wanted to spend his life spreading the joy and warmth of Judaism.  He received his Rabbinic ordination at the Rabbinical College of America and spent the last 5 years leading Jewish Youth programs around the word, from Australia, Israel and Thailand.

Chana was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Together with her parents and siblings, they ran the Chabad of Southeast Asia, servicing all Jewish needs for the thousands of Jewish visitors each year.
She was raised to care for every Jew of any background, and offer her assistance, guidance,
and a listening ear to anyone she encounters.