prison chaplaincy   

Rabbi Lerman will visit prisons to spend time with  inmates in discussion group and holding a prayer service. Before and during holidays we have special services and programs. Chabad wants to help you regardless of any affiliation, race or religious background.

If you know of anyone who could use a visit e-mail Rabbi Lerman at [email protected] or give us a call at 678-595-0196.

Visits to area correctional facilities serve as a vital link to the outside community for incarcerated  inmates. Many of our brethren are using this very difficult and unfortunate experience as an opportunity to discover their roots, and turn over a new leaf, thanks to the encouragement and support of these visits. 

The Chabad Center seeks to bring life and spiritual movement to one's soul; to bring a sense of purpose into one's existence. By showing a person's connection with the entire people, with the Torah and with G‑d, it offers a glimmer of hope, helping the individual endure the days and the nights, the inner isolation. 

The Rabbi will always be ready and prepared, lending a helping hand to the individual and his or her family, seeking out and focusing on the goodness within. The teachings of the Torah help a person become a healthy minded individual who knows that he or she has a vital part to play in the universe - even from the confines of a prison cell. This is also a preparation for eventual re-entry into society.