From Aaron Abend

Monday, 13 July, 2020 - 8:38 am

I owe a great sum of gratitude to Rabbi Lerman OBM. Rabbi Lerman was my rebbi for 3 years in elementary school at Yavneh Academy in Paterson N.J. He imbued me with a great warmth for Torah and yiddishkeit. I can still hear the classes as he introduced us to the learning of gemara. In 7th grade Rabbi Lerman brought 4 of his talmidim to Crown Heights to spend Shavuous with the Rebbe. By כוס של ברכה he intoduced us to the Rebbe as his talmidim. In return the Rebbe blessed us each to be a Chasid, Yirei Shamayim and Lamdan. As a direct result of all of his influence I am presently the Rebbe's Shaliach in North Hollywood CA.

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