Dear Friends,

We have great news to share with you-Chabad of Gwinnett is building an Enrichment Center!

Here is an amazing opportunity for you to make a significant impact on the community and engrave your family's names and legacy in the Jewish history of Gwinnett County.

Chabad of Gwinnett is committed to providing every Jew in the area the opportunity to celebrate the joy of being Jewish through programs that nurture connection, purpose, and cultural and spiritual growth.

Thank G‑d we have grown to be a beacon of light, bringing peace, harmony, and joy to thousands in the community.

It is time to take a quantum leap from renting a temporary space to building a permanent home headquartered in Peachtree Corners. 

Please join us in the establishment of a permanent home for Chabad - a structure filled with boundless blessings of material and spiritual richness, a house of celebration of the past, present and unlimited future.

We are also giving away a free "Legacy Brick" to every Jewish family in Gwinnett. We are doing this because we want every Jew to know that they belong to and are an integral part of the Jewish family. Now you can have an eternal part in this vision.

We cannot do it without you. Share the vision and ask how you can help! 

Rabbi Yossi & Esther Lerman
Scott Frank, Campaign Chair