Thank you for supporting Chabad! Your generous donation supports all the outreach programs and activities of Chabad of Gwinnett County.

There are three ways to make an immediate contribution to Chabad:

  • By Phone: Please call us at 678-595-0196.
  • By Mail: Please mail your contribution to:
    Chabad Enrichment Center  6130 Lackland CT, Peachtree Corners, GA 30092
  • By Internet: Please complete the donation form below and submit it via our secure online server.
  • Also, please consider making a sustained contribution or donating other assets to support Chabad.
    Please call us for more information.

Every individual - every penny - counts. All donations are in US dollars and are tax-deductible.

Sponsorship Opportunity with Family Name Dedication:

Sponsor A Kiddush:
Full Sponsorship $175.00
Partial sponsorship $54.00

Camp Scholarship:
1 Day at Camp for 1 Child $36.00
1 Week at Camp for 1 Child $180.00

Hebrew School Scholarship:
Books and supplies $36.00
1 Month for 1 Child $70.00
1 Year for 1 Child $700.00

Community Shabbat Dinner:
Shabbat Dinner Sponsorship $180.00

Jewish Learning Institute-JLI
1 Course $100.00
3 Courses $300.00

Lecture Series:
1 Speaker $100.00
3 Speakers $300.00

Holiday Programs:
High Holiday $100.00
 Chanukah Celebration $100.00
 Purim Party $100.00
 Pesach Seder $100.00
 Lag B'omer BBQ $100.00


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